Monday, March 16, 2009

Target Market

As a company Vera Bradley is creative, colorful patterns and high quality products. With all the different type of bags, luggage and accessories they offer they reach a wide range of consumers. When one logs onto the Vera Bradley website, you tend to see pictures of mid aged women with the “preppy” style for fashion. Vera Bradley does market to this group of consumers but also too many more.

Vera Bradley mostly targets mid aged women and moms. They have many size bags and multi-purpose bags as well. With bags that can server for many purposes, this quality is very attractive to the “on the go” mom or working women. Vera Bradley also offers sophistication along with their fun loving colors and patterns. This makes it easy for the consumer to use it for a bag to bring into work or to go out for the night with friends. With the many different patterns, that each style comes in, it is easy to have your own personal pattern for your own collection of Vera Bradley products, making it feel like this is just made for the consumer. Vera Bradley has started to expand their products over time to try and reach new markets.

Another target market, it the younger women, usually the college student or resent college grad heading into the work force. With their large bags, that serve very well as book bags and their many accessories that can help keep you organized, with some style, makes it ideal for a college student. Vera Bradley also as clothing they have started. Such as pajama shorts and pants, belts and even flip flops once again appealing to a younger crowd. They are also products that are easy to care for, making it appealing for both target markets, not just the student.

Vera Bradley researches their markets well, trying to appeal to both, and keep introducing new products to keep the markets strong. With consumers behaviors, styles, wants and needs always changing Vera Bradley keeps up very well, with the always changing market.

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